Our staff

At Woodlands we know that a good team makes all the difference and has the greatest influence in the smooth running of the nursery – and at Woodlands we are proud to have an extremely close and competent team of experienced long serving staff. We have a very low staff turnover and rarely employ agency staff as we value the contribution made by each member of our permanent staff. This ensures that you and your child are welcomed at the start of each day by a friendly and familiar face.

At Woodlands we have a good understanding of what good quality childcare entails and to this end staff are encouraged to expand their knowledge with continued professional development, both internally and externally, as this benefits the nursery and ultimately the children that come to us.

We are proud of our highly experienced management team headed by our Manager. We also have a Deputy Manager and Head of Education to complete our senior team.

Each nursery room has a Senior Nursery Nurse, and she or he effectively is Manager of her/his room responsible for the staff team in that room. We operate a key person system whereby that person is responsible for working with a small number of children, who help those children feel safe and cared for. Children thrive from a foundation of warm and loving care and the key person can understand and meet that child’s needs.