Butterflies (15 months to 2 years)

Butterflies is where you will find our toddlers aged around 15 months to 2 years. The children in Butterflies have a whole new world to discover – a stimulating learning environment filled with engaging toys and things to do – supported by our warm and energetic team. Children are able to explore and learn through play. Plenty of opportunities for the children to excel in different messy and sensory explorations. They can choose from a range of activities throughout the day, enjoying lots of fun and interactive play with their friends and plenty of time outdoors, whatever the weather.

The ‘home corner’, which is a great place for developing some early culinary skills and develop rich social interactions – something that is always popular with this age group. We love for the children to establish the love of books and help support every child to develop their language.

We encourage the development of independence and individuality. As each child progresses we help support every child to develop using an open cup and proper cutlery to aid to their skills. If a child shows interest, we introduce the potty in Butterflies, providing support but with absolutely no pressure.