Butterflies (15 months to 2 years)

Butterflies is where you will find our toddlers aged around 15 months  to 2 years. The children in Butterflies have a whole new world to discover – a stimulating learning environment filled with engaging toys and things to do – supported by our warm and energetic team. They can choose from a range of activities throughout the day, enjoying lots of fun and interactive play with their friends and plenty of time outdoors, whatever the weather.

The ‘home corner’, which can be a café one day and a doctor’s surgery the next, encourages role play – something that is always popular with this age group. We also introduce the concept of Topics in Butterflies, where activities follow a set theme, and we encourage the development of independence and individuality. If a child shows interest, we introduce the potty in Butterflies, providing support but with absolutely no pressure.