Butterflies (17 months to 28 months)

The Butterflies room is self-contained and very spacious and within this environment we first introduce a home corner – which can, for example, become a play café or doctors. Role Play is really important at this age and it is also one of the children’s favourite activities. We also have a potty training area so we can continue to actively help you when you feel the time has come for your child to stop using nappies.

During your child’s time in Butterflies we will work hard to develop their individuality and independence. Each child will have access to their own personal box where they can put items from home or work they are proud of and want to take home to show you. We have found that this really helps children to start taking responsibility for their belongings and makes them feel very “grown up”.

In Butterflies a range of activities are set throughout the day and your child can pick and choose which ones they would like to take part in; from play dough to baked bean play, your child has lots of fun and interactive play with their new found friends. We also introduce Topics (e.g. Hot and Cold) and many of our activities will follow the set theme.

We will spend time making artwork for the walls which will continue to remind the children about the chosen topic and it also starts to widen their knowledge about the world and its environment.

During your child’s time in Butterflies they can also enjoy Dance which is an early years’ drama activity. Many nurseries will charge for these types of activities, but at Woodlands we provide this as a complimentary weekly service because we see how much fun and enjoyment all the children get out of it and don’t feel it is fair that some get to join in and others don’t.

And the fun carries on outside!

In our own garden area there are a range of outside toys for your child to enjoy. From chalkboards to tractors and a sandpit; we even have a covered seating and quiet corner to enjoy stories and topic discussions. In the summer months, we also take the opportunity to have picnics, which is a real treat!

Does Butterflies sound like the right environment for your child to spend their day? Book a visit to meet the friendly Butterflies team and find out more about Woodlands and our approach to childcare.