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Childcare Vouchers - Save Tax & NI

By registering for your employers Childcare Voucher scheme, an amount up to £55.00 a week can be deducted from your salary and used to provide childcare vouchers for the same amount. This amount, which is deducted from your gross salary, is exempt from NI and Income tax. If, as parents or guardians you both work, you are each entitled to the £55.00 provision.

We accept Childcare Vouchers from many providers; please check with our office for more details.

Paper vouchers can be handed in at the nursery and redeemed each month against your fees but most providers now offer an automatic redemption scheme, please speak to the nursery if you are unsure how this works.

For more information about Childcare Vouchers click here

Sibling Discount

We offer parents who have more than one child at the nursery a 10% discount for the child doing the lesser number of sessions, if all children do the same sessions we offer a 10% discount for the oldest sibling in the nursery.

Nursery Education Grant

The Nursery Education Grant is available for eligible children from the term after their third birthday.

This free entitlement provides you with 15 hours of childcare during state term-time only (38 weeks per year). To receive your full entitlement, your child must attend a minimum of 5 sessions per week at Woodlands nursery. Each of our sessions comprises 5 hours and we are open for 51 weeks of the year, from 8.00am to 6.00pm. Therefore if you choose Woodlands you will need to pay for the additional hours of childcare not included within the Nursery Education Grant and for weeks where the entitlement is not available. If your child attends for less than 5 sessions per week then a proportionate amount of the grant can be claimed.

Woodlands registered children also attending LEA funded schools part time are not eligible to receive the grant as this is automatically paid to the school.

Core hours for the Nursery Education Grant sessions, will be:

  • Morning 9.00 am – Midday
  • Afternoon 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm

For more information about the Nursery Education Grant for over 3’s click here

NHS Discount

Parents of children who work for the NHS & Parents of children who work on Greenham Business Park receive a 10% discount for a full time child, a 5% discount for a child attending nursery for 5 - 9 sessions each week and a 2.5% discount for a child attending nursery for 1 - 4 sessions each week. Proof of employment will be required.

Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit

Offers additional support to help with day to day costs. For more information about claiming Child Tax and Working Tax credits click here