Our Chef and Housekeeping Staff

"The children always get excited when they hear the 'chinking' noise - it means it is lunchtime and Carol the Cook and her trolley are on their way laden with tasty home cooked food to enjoy!"

Carol has worked at Woodlands since 2001 as Nursery cook and together with our Nursery Manager ensures the menus provide for a variety of healthy and nutritious home cooked food for lunch and tea. New recipes are introduced but we ensure that children’s favourite meals make regular appearances on our menus. Menus run on a fortnightly cycle, increasing to a 3 week cycle in January and are changed on a termly basis.

If your child is a vegetarian or has special dietary requirements you are invited to come and meet with Carol to talk through their needs. And even if they cannot eat certain foods Carol still like to prepare their food to look the same as the other children’s, even if behind the scenes it may be made in a slightly different way.

Our food has an abundance of colour to catch your child’s eye and encourage them to eat; there will also be a variety of tastes and smells in our weekly menu and always a good balance of fruit and vegetables. Quality local food is what we offer your child. Carol also makes good use of the lovely vegetables that the children help to grow in our vegetable patch and it is always a delight for them when they realise they are eating their own food.

So what is on the menu? Wholemeal bread, wraps, tacos through to curries and traditional stews there is a great range of freshly prepared delicious home-cooked food that your child will look forward to eating.

Please look out on the kitchen door for ‘Recipe of the Month’

Carol has undergone accredited online training and has received her level 2 Award in Food Allergen Awareness for Childcare. Catering for so many children 

Nancy joined us in 2009 as our Housekeeper and her role within the nursery has grown. Nancy ensures that the nursery is spic and span, handles all the laundry (no small task) and is in charge of supplies for her housekeeping duties and resources required throughout the nursery rooms.

The roles carried out by Carol & Nancy ensure the smooth running of the nursery outside the nursery rooms and enables the nursery staff to provide the highest standard of care within the rooms.